About Us


The Hackers Conference is a unique event, where the elite of the hacker world, leaders in the information security industry and the Internet community meet face to face to join their efforts to cooperate in addressing the most topical issues of the IT world.

The Hackers Conference was held in New Delhi and aims to get together Industry, Government, Academia and Underground hackers to share knowledge and leading-edge ideas about information security and everything related to it.

The Hackers Conference was organized at India Habitat Center, a prestigious venue located in the heart of India’s Capital city, New Delhi. It was the first ever gathering in India which was attended by several Black hat hackers too along with security experts hence providing a unique interface and platform for open dialogue between hackers and security experts to bridge the existing gaps in security arena to make Internet safer and more secure.

Every year, The Hackers Conference will see a galaxy of renowned speakers presenting 0-Day Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Android/Blackberry/iPhone Hacks. Apart from Speakers presenting on WI-FI and Web Application Security the Special invitees from government Intelligence agencies will also speak on National Security Issues emerging from Scada Hacking

Our Team:

Mohit Kumar

Man responsible for first and biggest Cyber Awareness Project - 'The Hacker News'. All efforts to make internet more Secure.

Jiten Jain

Security Analyst with Research Focus on Chinese Cyberfare, Travel freak and Social Activist from College Days.

Prabhjot Singh

Network Security Analyst,, He loves working on networks and have lots of toys like - firewalls, switches, routers all around.

Kislay Bhardwaj

Handsome Tall Geek - Security Researcher working on GSM Hacking Technologies and National Security Issues.