Speakers 2012 @ The Hackers Conference

The complete list of Technical speakers of The Hackers Conference 2012 are following. The organizing committee would like to thank everyone who presented their papers.

Speakers : Sina Hatef Matbue, Farhad Miri, Arash Shirkhorshidi (ChallenGe Security Team, Iran)
Topic : "GraVitoN: Cross Platform Malware
Abstract : The purpose of 'graviton' is to become a platform, a beautiful combination of simple and smart ideas.The purpose of 'graviton' is to become an artificial creature which can move between world of windows, world of apples, and world of emperor penguins, etc. and remain stealth! We believe as this project grows, security professionals will have a better and deeper understanding of how viruses, trojans, etc work, so they can fight and protect themselves against those, and they can even create 'white viruses', to spread and fight against malicious viruses, effectively. With graviton-creator you can compile and customize your graviton as virus, trojan or even worm. graviton project is hosted at savannah We will introduce the main idea of "self-exploitable codes", roadmap of "GraVitoN", during upcoming #THC2012.

Speakers : Anurag Kumar Jain and Devendra Shanbhag (Tata Consultancy Services, India)
Topic : "Mobile Application Security Risk and Remediation
Abstract : Mobile Application Development is at an all time high owing to widespread use of Smartphones and Tablets.However, when it comes to security of information in these applications, it is mostly non-existent or improperly implemented. These vulnerable applications open theroom for hackers to compromise them and steal sensitive information. This session would cover the major threats in a mobile environment, top security risks/vulnerabilities in mobile applications and their remediation.

Speaker : Mr. Pranav Lal (Consultant-Information Security Services, Mahindra SSG)
Topic :  “Moving to the Cloud: Key Security Considerations
Abstract : Cloud brings real benefits to an organization – but with even the simplest organizational change there are impacts. People often look at the move to the cloud as a before and after situation. That ignores the very real issues about cloud migration, infact moving to the cloud can create some thorny issues. As with any chance management process however, forewarned is forearmed. The most key consideration being the security implications. By doing so, and by planning for those impacts, organizations can do their very best to ensure a smooth and successful migration process.

Speaker : Mahesh Rakheja  (Independent Security Researchers, India)
Topic : "Android Spy Agent"
Abstract :  - Android spy agent is the application purely based on android platform. This application allows us to remotely access the entire victim’s personal information and even though the confidential data available in the android cell phone. The type of personal information include the victim’s contacts, call logs, messages, browser’s history, GPS location and many more information directly available on the victim’s cell phone. This application can also allows the attacker to remotely delete the data available on the victim’s phone. In order to perfectly work this application you have to gain access to the victim’s android cell phone for at least 20 seconds. You have to install the application and then restart the cell phone. After restart your application get automatically starts on the victim’s cell phone. Now you can access the victim’s cells information for any normal cell phone and get the response on it. The android spy agent will be hidden in the victim’s cell phone and not allows the victim to easily uninstall or delete it from the cell

Speaker : Dev Kar (Independent Security Researcher, XYsec - India)
Topic : "Browser Kung-Fu
Abstract : Web browsers started off with a single process, single thread model. However, the web has evolved from being document-centric to becoming application-centric.This gives rise to problems of stability, performance and security.In this talk we will see different security issues associated with the modern day Web Browsers due to their Architectural Design and due to the advancement in technologies like HTML-5.We will also see the practical demonstration of a browser bug using which we will steal all the contacts in a users Google talkgadget profile.We will also discuss our latest bug finding in the WebKit Browser Engine at #THC2012.

Speaker : Aditya Gupta and Subho Halder (Independent Security Researchers, India)
Topic : "All your Droids belong to me : A look into Mobile Security in 2012
Abstract : Android is a fast-growing mobile device Operating System based on the Linux 2.6.x kernel. It has the most consumer market share in smartphones and tablets, more than even the IPhone and Symbian. The talk is about Android Malwares, Botnets and all the crazy stuff you have been hearing in the past. We will give an inside view on how the black hat underground uses this, to earn 5-6 digit income per month . For this, We will start off with creating an Android Malware, and then will gradually move on to the Botnet Part.

Speaker : Aneesh Dogra aka Lionaneesh (Programmer and A Security Enthusiast, India)
Topic :  "How to make a Linux ELF Virus (That works on your latest linux distribution)
Abstract : Linux is considered as a Secure OS by most of the experts and indeed it is, but sometimes newbie users overestimate its security. This talk will be focused on How to make a simple ELF virus in Linux. We'll be starting with a basic idea of a Prepernder and using that we'll create a Virus which actually works on your latest linux distribution. There will a demonstration showing how this virus infects different files on the system, and How it can be dangerous.